Jacob B., Age 15

Initiatives were a fun but challenging course and event that campers used to face their fears and learn to Initiatives the Fun-ness2work as a team. These events took place over two days. The first day was all about facing your fears. There were three things to do. The first thing was a giant swing that you had to climb up forty feet before you get to the top, and then you free fall down on a swing.

The second and third initiatives had balance and heights involved. The second activity was a trapeze. You would climb up twenty feet and jump for a rope or pull up bar. The third was a ropes course that consisted of multiple ropes, each one getting harder than the last. Then at the end is the best part – a really, really, really, super duper, awesome, amazing, steep, long, cool, exciting zip line.

Those are the cool activities of the initiatives. Each one was a little different than the other. Each one a little bit harder than the last for different people. Evan S. had this to say: “I thought it was really fun and I thought that it showed who the leaders were.” This is just an example of how fun initiatives really are.