Aylo L. age 9

Tribe of Gad


Today, I am going to interview one of the campers, Levia. Levia is actually from France! It’s her first year at junior camp, too. I asked her a few questions. I asked her what her favorite activity at camp was and she told me that it was drama games. The next question I asked her was a little freaky. I said that if a clown snuck in her house at night, what would be her first reaction be in the morning? She said she would FREAK OUT! It seems like Levia is just like me! I also asked her if she was Santa Claus for a day if she would like it and she said yes because then she would get to make a bunch of people happy! I asked her if she was liking camp so far and she said, “Yes of course, it’s such a great place to be!” So far, I’m thinking that Levia is very interesting and fun. She must be having a blast at camp! The last question I asked her was more serious. I asked her what parts of camp made her feel closer to God and she said the worship during tabernacle because the team is so good and she loves to praise God. That wraps up my interview with Levia!