Sam S., Age 10
Tribe of Naphtali

Four-square, the game of four squares. The four squares represent the four stages. Stage one is peasant, stage two is knight, stage three is prince or princess, and stage four is King or Queen.

When you are in squares 1-3 you cannot change the rules. When you are the King or Queen, you have a lifetime of rules to set, such optional paylay, where you can use any part of your body; magnets, where you hit the ball without touching your square; popcorn, where you hit the ball more than once. You can also butter, which is a slam after popcorn.

More rules are: no tea parties, which means you can’t hit the ball back to the person that served it to you; saves/play-ons, which means that if you are supposed to be out but people keep playing you aren’t out; ducks, which is popcorn and then you hit it just inside the other person’s square; memory verse which is when you recite the memory verse as you hit the ball; cherry bomb, which is a big slam with both hands; pork chops/kosher/pork chops, which gadget won’t explain to us; no first serves, which means if something goes wrong on the first serve you are out anyway; truces, which are two man truce with two people, alliance with three, and empire truce with four or more; ground spoke, which is big slam with one hand; and Atlanta, which is normal four square.

So those are the kingly rules of four square. But there are more rules. Well, they’re not really “rules,” but they want to dominate and take over. These are some of the empires: Awesome Empire led by Ryan, which is the most known, Peace Empire led by Tyler, which is the most peaceful, and Newton Empire led by Jonah, which is not really an empire.

These are many of the kingly rules of four square, but these are the rules as of July 26, 2018. There are sure to be many more. The end.