By Greenlee K. age 11

Tribe of Manasseh


Hello! My name is Greenlee. Today I am going to tell you about the tribe leader Sitruce. Her favorite color is blue. Her dad is a missionary with Jews for Jesus and that’s how she learned about Camp Gilgal. Sitruce’s favorite book of the Bible is Numbers. She likes it because she really likes the stories of Moses. She thinks that he is a great leader. Her favorite verse of the Bible is Joshua 1:9, which is the camp theme verse! She was ten years old when she started being a camper. I asked Sitruce if she liked being a camper or a staff better, and she said that she couldn’t choose because they were very different. Being a camper, you get to enjoy the fun of camp and not have to worry about anything. Being a staff member, you get to hang out with campers and watch them grow throughout the years and share Jesus with them. That is all I will tell you about the marvelous, fantastic, amazing, outstanding, and awesome Sitruce.