By Halie F. age 10

Tribe of Manasseh


Hi. I interviewed Watson and here are some questions I asked her. Watson’s two favorite colors are green and teal. Watson has a favorite Pokémon named Glaceon. Watson does not have a favorite food but right now, she wants mint chocolate chip ice cream with marshmallows and potato chips on the side. Watson likes the verse Hebrews 12:1-2. She said it reminds her to focus on Jesus when everything is chaotic. Watson wanted to be a counselor because she wanted to be a role model. Watson has a beta fish. Also, Watson has three siblings whose names are Verde, Ruski, and Tanya. Watson has eaten something very weird before; hash browns with some hummus, Israeli salad and Cheetos. Watson’s favorite number is 73. Watson has a favorite planet- Pluto. Even though people say this planet is a star, Watson thinks otherwise. The last question I asked her was what her favorite movie was and she said “Everything sci-fi.” That is all I have to tell you about Watson.