Interview Health Director1Trent F., Age 14
Tribe of Simeon

Our health director Baby Carrots is a very passionate, outgoing person. Because she has been a believer since she was very young, she looked forward to being an assistant tribe leader (ATL) since she was a camper. When she had the opportunity to be an ATL she jumped at it. Her valuable experience led her to be a tribe leader and then out-of-cabin staff. Now she serves as the health director. She told me she thinks God gave her the ability and passion to be in the medical field because it’s not for everyone. She currently is an EMT going to school to become a Physician’s Assistant as well as specializing in critical care. When she can use her medical skills in such a wonderful atmosphere she feels fulfilled. At night she helps me with my meds but she doesn’t rush me so she can go to sleep. She’s a patient person who plays a very important role in the Gilgal staff.