Elliot A., Age 13
Tribe of Simeon

Google was born in Jacksonville, FL. He was a tribe leader for junior and teen camp on the East Coast this year. He has been attending Camp Gilgal West Coast for many years but came to Camp Gilgal East this year because he attends college in Pennsylvania. His favorite Bible verse changes quite often, but is currently either Isaiah 11:9 or Galatians 2:20. HeInterview Google1 has played many instruments, starting with the clarinet. He truly let Jesus into his life at adventure camp on the West Coast in 2013. His overall favorite camp shirt is the one from 2010, and it’s my personal favorite as well. This is his first year as staff. His favorite color is the rainbow and his favorite tribe to be at camp is Simeon. He LOVES french toast at camp and his favorite all-camp activity is Mission Impossible. Google loves movies that make him cry. His favorite one is a romance called Listen to Your Heart. If he had to tell someone a favorite joke on the spot it would be this: “A man was praying to God. He asked God how long 1,000,000 years was to him. God replied, ‘A second.’ He then asked how much a million dollars was to God to which He replied, ‘A penny.’ The man then asked God if he could have a million dollars and God said, ‘Wait a second.’ I have greatly enjoyed having Google as my tribe leader this year and hope that one day you can have him as yours too. I can’t wait until I can be staff! I hope you get to experience the fun with staff here at camp.