Channah A., Age 8
Tribe of Issachar

I am in the tribe of Issachar. We chose the tribe name Issachar because it means Sun. We have lots of fun together because we are a family. My tribe leaders’ names are Acorn and Chip. The other girls in my cabin are Rebecca, Ahava and Raina. For all of us, it is our first year of camp! We are all having a great timeIssa-What Issachar2-1. We love going to the pool as a tribe. Every night we get to have devotions together. We read the Bible and pray. We all help each other feel better about ourselves.

During Ladies Day, as a tribe we went swimming and made shell clips for our hair. We got to have a boy free day. When it was Men’s Day, we got to go horseback, riding and our tribe got to ride horses on a trail. When we were done we went into a field. At F.O.B. we pass notes to each other or get to rest for later on the day when we do activities. As a tribe, we get to have cabin clean up and help each other do different chores to get points. If we get enough points we can get tribe of the year. We got to memorize a verse, Psalm 147:1-11, and say it in front of the whole camp as a tribe. We almost have it. The tribe of Issachar loves to be together. I hope to be with all of them next year because we love the way we’re always helping each other as a family.