Channah A., Age 9
Tribe of Issachar

My tribe is Issachar. There are five girls in my tribe. We have lots of fun. Their names are Ahavah, Emma, Eli, and Shelby and me, Channah and my tribe leaders are Sauté and Mango. This year ouTribe of Issacharr degel has a big sun on it with our names in the rays. Our tribe did really well with water balloon volleyball. We almost won! It was so fun. During FOB the other ladies and I pass notes to each other and we get a little loud. Our tribe is really close to nailing the memory verse! For Skit Night we did a version of the Good Samaritan. We enjoyed doing it because we worked together as a tribe. My favorite part about our tribe is that we are friends. Kulanu B’Yachad!!!