Persaeus B., Age 11
Tribe of Zebulun

I was in my cabin, we were all talking about what we were going to do tomorrow, when all of a sudden, the power went out! We all started screaming our heads off! While it was still dark we still had to change for the game. Our tribe leaders have a clue M.I.and decoder to start with and wherever it says to go you go for the next clue. Once you go through all the clues, the last one will say go to the dining hall and that’s when you finish. You and your tribe have to be really quiet or else you will get sent back to your cabin and then pick up where you left off. This year we couldn’t get caught on purpose. For example: if you’re at the soccer field and it say to go to the ladies restroom you wouldn’t have to be quiet going to the restroom. When my tribe (the oldest) went in the dining hall we tied with the youngest ladies, and the youngest men won. Today, I’m going to be interviewing Sherbert, one of the spotters.

Q: Where were you spotting this year?
A: At the water tower.

Q: Do you help put out the clues?
A: No, I don’t.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how good was this year’s M.I.?
A: 11.

Q: Have you ever fallen or tripped in the dark?
A: Yes, tripped and fell.

Q: What was your best year of M.I., and what happened?
A: This year because I got to dance all night.