Mad Science

By Hannah H. age 12


Mad Science is one of the most fun and creative activities here at Camp Gilgal. We make SLIME! We made color changing slime, but the pigment didn’t really work. It changed color a little bit, but we didn’t have enough pigment. We even made glitter slime! We also made some kinetic sand. We put glitter in it, too. We were always so excited to be making these cool and fun crafts with things like elmer’s glue, borax and food coloring. Some people also made oobleck! Oobleck is so messy! Mad Science is an activity that you should definitely do. Last, but not least, we made elephant toothpaste. It was cool to make, but also very messy! We dumped it all over the cement and it felt good on my hands. I always get excited when it comes to cool crafts like slime!