The Beach

By Aaron R. age 14



The beach is a windy place where we get to either swim, make giant volcanoes, kayak, or play volleyball. To be able to swim, you must take a swim test. To pass, you must swim out and tread water for a minute. The water is very cold, which makes this very unpleasant. There is one cove that is full of leeches, so steer clear! The beach is a a great place to make a giant volcano. If you do, make sure you put a cup on the bottom. If you don’t, all the baking soda will disappear and it won’t explode. The Cran-Hill Ranch staff have paddle boards and kayaks that people can rent, but if you are with Gilgal, you get it for free! The paddle boards are a favorite of Camp Gilgal, but it is easy to fall off. When there are no lifeguards, Camp Gilgal likes to play nukem. It is like volleyball, but since no one (except for Achilles) is good at it, we just play nukem. If you go to this camp, try to be with Feedback or Achilles, because they are awesome!