Rain M.
Age 13

On an average day, our cabin wakes up around seven o’clock and get ready for breakfast. At breakfast we usually sit with the same people that are in our cabin. After breakfast we go to Tabernacle. In Tabernacle we worship God by singing. Also we learn the memory verse: Philippians 2:5-11. Sometimes there is a staff member Men Cabin Lifethat goes and tells us their story and how they got to know God. After Tabernacle we go either to the giant swing or the ropes course depending on the day. I didn’t go on the giant swing but I did go on the ropes course. The ropes course was fun.

In our cabin there was Andrew, Logan, Geronimo, Sam, Daniel, Isaac, Elias, Professor, Reuven, and (myself) Rain. My favorite part about our cabin is that there are a lot of friendships going on. At lunch, we pray and chant the liturgy then eat. After that we have free time, then more activities, and then dinner. After dinner we have more activities and then sleep. One of my favorite things about our cabin is that we have good staff and campers.