By: Matthew S. | Age: 13
Tribe: Simeon
In teen camp we do something called Mench Day. Mench Day is a day where we help people out by doing community service. This year for Mench Day we helped Camp Herrlich clear out and weed a garden that was going to be growing vegetables and fruits for a fund-raising dinner. Additionally, we painted colorful signs to label the garden plants and we started to build a rock path out of flat rocks that we found in the nearby woods. This year we had three days of Mench Day. The first day we weeded the garden and pulled lots of run-away mint from in front of the garden. We also painted colorful back rounds for the signs. On the second day we finished painting the signs and started to build the stone path. I went into the woods with Hiccup to find suitable stones for the path over the course of multiple trips. We also started to plant seeds. We didn’t finish the path, so we decided to work on the path for a third day. We worked on the garden for a total of six hours (two on the first, two on the second, two on the third). After each day we were tired and sweaty, but we were happy that we were able to help other people. One of the people from Camp Herrlich, said that we made it look great and it looked better that previous three years. It was a great experience.