Josh L., Age 11
Tribe of Dan

Everyone is hoping it’s that day and suddenly music from the dining hall comes on. All the boys start yelling and laughing and screaming, “It’s Men’s Dayyy!!!” Soon Onyx wearing plastic mediMens day smeval armor and carrying a sword runs out and yells, “It’s Medieval Men’s Day!” Then all the boys run into the dining hall. We say the blessings and pray then they bring out pizza. After lunch we have FOB, then we hear a whistle blow, and we go outside. We see lots of staff wearing armor, then they split us up in three groups. They take us over to the picnic tables and have us pick a champion out of our group, and we voted on Jacob. Then we had to suit up Jacob using cardboard boxes, duct tape, and aluminum foil. The judges (Sonic, Onyx, and Mr. Tumnus) voted on Jacob as champion, but it’s okay because everyone had fun and in the end, everyone drank men’s brew.