Corey W., Age 11
Tribe of Levi

Carpetball is one of many fun games at camp. In carpetball you are supposed to hit down all the other players’ balls before they knock your balls down. If you knock all of theirs down they get one more shot, and if it gets to a tie then the two people put one out of five on the table. It progresses by one if you keep tie-ing. If you win you keep the one extra throwing ball and if you lose you can get back in line or go do something else and you can watch.

I asked J-Box about carpetball.

Q: What is your best winning streak?
A: About five or six games.

Q: What is your favorite thing about carpetball?
A: Having a good time with everyone.

Q: What’s your favorite strategy?
A: To put the balls I have close to me so they are hard to hit.

You can try to get two in one shot or as many as you want in one shot, but it is a hard game to play. There is one other way to play with ten balls but that’s just a made up game.

And that’s my article about carpetball.