By Levi W. age 11

Tribe of Judah


Mission Impossible or M.I for short is a scavenger hunt game that we play during the night and it is my favorite part of camp. At about 10:00 pm you hear the theme song for M.I. There are spotters, which are the counselors with flashlights that walk around their route and if they spot you your whole tribe has to go back and touch your porch. The spotters also sing songs like nursery rhymes so that you can tell when they are coming. Every year they have a different theme, and this year it was Finding Dory. Sitruce was Dory and Hiccup was Destiny’s brother Fate. The point of the game is to gather all the clues and get to the mishkan before everyone else. My tribe was the first to find all the clues. When we first got to the mishkan, we thought that we had won, however the tribe of Gad came in and gave us our last clue that we had dropped. My favorite part of the game is sneaking around in the dark. M.I was my favorite part of Camp Gilgal and I can’t wait to play it again next year.