By Halye G. age 9

Tribe of Gad


I am going to interview my counselor Melody! My first question is: what is your favorite part of camp? Melody answered that her favorite part of camp is worship because she likes music and using it to praise God. I then asked her what activities she was in and what they were like. She was in basketball and Hebrew and she especially liked basketball because it is her favorite sport. I then asked her what her favorite meals at camp were and if she thought the food was yummy. She loves the make your own sandwich lunch at camp and she thinks all the food is delicious!

My last fun question was: “If you were on a deserted island and it flipped over and turned into another island, what would it look like and what would you bring?” Melody answered: “I would bring all my friends and my island would be carefree.”

That’s all for today folks!