Eliana S., Age 14

This year at teen camp the ladies had the MacDaddy Crib: four beautiful showers, four toilets and four huge mirrors. It was amazing!My Big fat Jewish Cabin2

On the first day of camp when we thought we would be put into our cabins, we got put into groups by Streetlight. One had seven girls, one had two, and one had four, so we were kind of confused. That’s when we were all lined up and told the “news.” “I was surprised and overwhelmed and confused, but also happy because I could be in a cabin with everyone,“ says Leia B. Staff member Snapple says, “I was ecstatic to have all of you in one cabin!”

Our epic cabin has consisted of hilarious real laughs, screaming, eating goldfish, greatly enjoying FOB (thank you, Streetlight!), many FOR YOUUUs and so many other things.

The ladies tribe this year was amazing in every way. All of the girls are so close and camp is just a very loving and supportive place.