Smores2smClaire C., Age 7
Tribe of Benjamin

The campfire I liked because… The s’mores were gooey and hot and they tasted awesome. And the flames looked like they were dancing tall and wide and pretty. And Onyx said some things about himself and did a long testimony and it was amazing. And the moon was glittering everywhere I looked. Also the staff sang beautiful songs about the Bible, God, Jesus and good anSmores smd bad. Also when we came to the campfire I got a piggy back ride, and after that I sat down on the campfire benches. Taliah came up to the front of the patio and sang another song from the East Coast Camp Gilgal called Hine Ma Tov with Streetlight. It was a camp song in Hebrew. Every time we repeated the song it got faster and faster. We lastly stood up to sing more songs and pray. Then everyone was excited from having s’mores and really tired, too. So we finally went up to our cabins as a tribe and fell asleep.