My Tribe - Asher1Claire C., Age 10
Tribe of Asher

My tribe contains seven lovely ladies, Waffles (my tribe leader), S’mores (my assistant tribe leader), Persaeus, Baily, Erica, Mia and I. We learn to work together and how to be a tribe.

Persaeus is 10 years old and loves the name of Asher because it sounded cool. She has experience in a tribe. She loves camp and her favorite color is mint.

Baily is 10 and loves foursquare. This is her second year at camp. She loves camp and bananas.

Mia is 10 and happy. She is not homesick. It is her first year and she is having a blast!

Erica loves the tribe. She has gone to camp before and her favorite color is black.

S’mores’ first year of camp was 2007.  Her favorite color is pink. She does not play sports. She became camp staff because she loves camp.

Waffles’ favorite color is seafoam green. She runs as a sport and plays tennis. She is a tribe leader because she has fun and wants to encourage us in our walk with Yeshua.

Our tribe does almost all of the activities at camp together, like craft, Hebrew, cabin clean up, Capture the Degel, M.I. and much more! Every day our cabin cleans so we can get points for cabin of the year, which is when one tribe from each side (boys/girls) gets $100 to spend any way they want. My tribe rocks!