Judah W., Age 15
Tribe of Benjamin

I love to sing. Through this love my relationship with God has really strengthened. Asher, Elliot, Y’didiah and I have always sung at camp.

The past three years at teen camp have been filled with medleys of Disney songs and One Direction. It’s not necessarily my type of music, but it is a collection we all know. We would get so good at these songs we’d harmonize. But at this point in time I was still way too nervous to lead in worship. As I’ve been singing at camp endlessly throughout the past three years of teen camp, I’ve loosened up. I can sing anywhere with my tribe now, no matter who is watching/listening.

Literally everybody in my tribe except one was on the worship team, and since this change in my confidence had occurred I was comfortable leading worship for the first time. I had a lot of fun and I sincerely loved praising God.

Leading worship was the first step towards bettering my relationship with God. Bettering your relationship with God and not relying on your own strength to complete our greatest challenges was what the lessons at Tabernacle and Shabbat were all about. As my heart gave way with worship my ears opened and I took in the message that all the goodness within us isn’t ours but God’s and that we need God’s relationship like we need air.

This message was something that I needed to hear and will stick with me forever, because the challenges that I face are way too difficult to complete on my own and God can be that support in my life as my relationship continues to shape itself and evolve.