Erik A., Age 14
Tribe of Levi

The purpose and goal of Camp Gilgal is to get out of your busy and repetitive lives revolving around schedules, especially as we are transforming teenagers. We come to camp happy, joyful, sometimes confused, and even broken as life gets more complicated and eventful, especially in this day and age.

However, in the midst of our questions and struggles, there is a time to express it all with God first and then with Beardo.

T.A.W.G stands for Time Alone With God, so every morning—with no shame—you express everything you want and need to our loving Father. Any question, no matter how big or small, deep or shallow, will and can be answered. With the help of God and the use of Beardo’s knowledge, any confusion and question will be wiped away. It is the best time to just be one-on-one with God, as a child to a Father. Spiritual, mental, random, to specific questions can be asked, for there is no correct or wrong questions. No questions to ask? No problem. You can meditate on God’s Word and learn so many things from laws, to our mission, to Jesus’ sacrifice and His love.

With me specifically, I have questions about identity, our mission, how to serve God, how to read the Bible, and more. As a Jew and a Christian, it was difficult to understand who I am and I was lost. However, because of God’s attention and care for us, God helped Beardo to help me understand who I really am.

Thanks to the one and only opportunity to question and learn at teen camp, I have learned so much and grown. T.A.W.G was a very good opportunity to spend time with God and learn where other places don’t have it. If you do go to teen camp, please take the chance to grow your faith and have questions. You will grow with God!