New counselors2Rahela D., Age 9
Tribe of Reuben

Every year at Camp Gilgal we have some new tribe leaders. This year the tribe leaders in my tribe were Twilight, Tapatio, and Baloo. I really like them and they enjoyed being in our cabin. Some of the new tribe leaders are Simba, Twilight, Tapatio, Kitten, Olive, and Feedback. I like all of them, and they convinced me to be a tribe leader one day. What I like about Simba is that she is very sweet. Twilight is my cousin so I like everything about her. What I like about Tapatio is that she has her own way of doing things, and she has such a big and beautiful spirit. What I like about Kitten is that she is just like a kitten. She is so cuddly and sweet. I like Olive because she is so sweet and helpful. Lastly, I like Feedback because he is so funny and has many funny impressions. I am so glad the new tribe leaders came and I am so glad I got to come to camp this year too. I hope they all come back next year.