Ben R., Age 13

Along with a cabin full of great campers there are two great tribe leaders who help make this cabin complete – Doc, a doctor who seems to have the cure to just about anything, and Simba, a younger tribdoc-and-simbae leader who can help lighten up any room. These two help make our cabin complete. Doc is a great guy to be around. He has a great sense of humor and always seems to know the right time to crack a joke. Along with the lighter side of Doc comes a much more serious and wise side. He gives great advice and is a very good mentor. Simba, our other tribe leader, is in many ways quite the same. He’s a guy whose sense of humor and smile can lighten any room, and a guy who can make anyone smile. Much like Doc, he’s a very loyal friend who can take a joke, and can give you advice for just about any problem. In both cases, they’re great guys who love the Lord and will give you prayer whenever you need it. I felt very privileged to be in a cabin with such great people.