Liora S., Age 13
Tribe of Naphtali

The day is wet and overcast. Two campers and three staff members set off to start their outdoor adventure. “Today we will be learning about the water shed,” Nature Valley, a tribe leader announces. She goes on to explain about erosion, the water cycle and how soil helps filter water.

The group continues on, wading through thick wet sloughs of grass. They pass the pond and turn left onto a little side road. After trudging through more puddles and mud, the group comes to a dilapidated cabin.

Starfox wants to go in, and before he opens the door, Watson queries, “Is there a rocking chair inside?” As the door swings open, the group crowds around, eager to see if there is, in fact, a rocking chair. The group piles in, and in the center of the room there is a rocking chair. A wood stove also dominates the center of the room. The beams of the ceiling are exposed, and Roman numerals are scattered all over the beams.

Everyone wants to know how Watson knew there would be a rocking chair in the cabin, even though none of them had ever been there before. Watson says the she has seen enough shows on television to predict what they would see inside.

As the group further explores the cabin, they find dust coated windows, thick spider webs covering the corners of the window, and dead bugs and the window sills. As the group exits the cabin, they see a very run-down shack, and they dub it, “Ye Old Creepy Shed in the Woods.” They also dubbed the cabin, “Ye Old Creepy Cabin in the Woods.”

The first day of outdoor adventure was very interesting. This is a great activity and it helps me have a great time during my first year at camp.