Ariel K., Age 10
Tribe of Benjamin
One of the most amazing things at Camp Gilgal is going to the pool! However, before you actually do so, you must take a swim test. You must be able to swim from one side to the other on your back and front. You must also be able to tread water.

After you have taken the swim test you get a band. The band colors are red, yellow and green. These three colors stand for three sections of the pool. The shallow water is represented with the color red. The middle area of the pool is represented with a yellow band. Lastly, the deep end of the pool is represented with a green band. This also means that you can swim in all three sections of the pool.

After you get your band, you are finally able to swim freely in your section. But if you want to have even more fun, you can try out some of the flotation devices. There are noodles, boogie boards, balls, and more. I think that Camp Gilgal is the best place to have a pool!