Elizabeth D., Age 14
Tribe of Naphtali 

For Scream-O this year my partner was Kaylie. We completely won the whole game, staying at Table Scream-O21 for the whole game except for the last round, which made me really mad. Nevertheless, it was hilariously fun! Last year we weren’t that good, but we totally changed that this year. I so enjoyed it, and not just because we kept winning!

Scream-O is an intensely fun game played at Camp Gilgal teen camp. It is a game for pairs of two that go against each other teams. Then, each person will receive a set of cards from 2-12, and two die. Teams will roll the die and attempt to clear all their cards according to the numbers shown, therefore getting a Scream-O. I love this game because everyone is intensely concentrated on winning a round, and when you do, you can scream your head off, hence the name. This game is so loud and amazing and if we could play it again, I would definitely do it. I think that everyone would! At Camp Gilgal I love this game with my friends and there are even more fun activities to do there.