By: Channah A. | Age: 12
Tribe of Dan
On Shabbat we get dressed up, which I really enjoy. Instead of just singing the blessings over the bread and fruit of the vine, we also light the candles to welcome in the Sabbath. Rebecca S. says, “I was super nervous when I lit the candles, but it turned out fine.” She was the one who lit the candles. We have a Torah service and read part of the Torah. During the service we sing worship songs, the Shema and the V’ahata. We also have a choir that campers can join and sing at Shabbat service. I am a part of the choir and it is so fun. Yoshi gives the camp a devotion, it is based on Psalm 46. In fact, Yoshi led the whole service and campers could help if they want. On Shabbat, we don’t scream or yell because we want shalom. Shalom means peace in Hebrew. Shalom everyone.