Dinah N., Age 11
Tribe of Manasseh

Did Hebrew smyou ever want to learn a different language? Camp Gilgal has Hebrew class. You can learn the alphabet and vowels, or if you are more advanced you can learn phrases. There are two groups: Team Alef which is for beginners, and Team Bet which is for more advanced. If you are in Team Alef and if it is too easy, you could switch classes to Team Bet. The teacher is Mr. Tumnus. He grew up in Israel so he knows how to speak and write in Hebrew. In the class you can write in your own ABC Hebrew book. You can write the alphabet or phrases in the book. So when you go home you can show your family what you learned. Then maybe you can go to Israel. Mr. Tumnus teaches the alphabet song and how to greet people and have conversations. You also learn how to write in Hebrew. Hebrew is after Tabernacle or arts and crafts, depending on which class you are in. It takes place in the Tabernacle area. It is every day except on Saturday, which is the Sabbath. Sometimes we might go horseback riding so we can’t do Hebrew. In Hebrew Mr. Tumnus sometimes gives out snacks like sunflower seeds. It’s really fun.