Elliot K., Age 13

There is this freezing cold place that may or may not be pleasant. Crazy Pond2This place is called Polar Bear Pond. This is a tiny pond that is super cold. There is a zip line going across it. Some people won’t make it across. If they don’t make it they will be pulled back, and if they do make it they just walk. Sometimes they let go because they want to. The people who jumped in and sometimes stayed in were called the brotherhood or sisterhood. When I was chilling in the pond with a few other guys, Moose charged in with normal clothes and not a bathing suit. Sadly, Moose lost his belt buckle. We tried finding it, but we did not succeed. After a few times, someone splashed the person on the zip line. Another time I went on with Josh L. and stayed in until someone fell off. Josh also let me pull him into the pond while he was on the zip line. Now I will ask Josh some things about how he “enjoyed” it: 

Q: What was the best part about Polar Bear Pond?
A: The zip line, so that you can fall into the pond.

Q: What was the least favorite part?
A: The long line to wait for the zip line.

The Polar Bear Pond is a very strange pond.