By Ruth D. age 8


This is an interview about Sneakers and Blewberry. I asked Sneakers what her favorite color is. She told me that her favorite color is rainbow. Next, I asked what is her favorite kind of shoe. She responded that her favorite shoes are her pair of gold sneakers. Then, I asked Sneakers what would be her dream vacation, and she said that it’s a Disney cruise. I said, “Me too!” Sneakers told me that her favorite color is yellow, and her favorite flavor of ice cream is s’mores.  I asked her what her favorite book is. Sneakers told me that she recommends “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” to every camper! Next I asked what her favorite thing is about God. She said that He is faithful and He never leaves us. She also told me that she is very thankful that God gave her Blewberry because she loves her very much.