Spiritual Community1Eliana A., Age 12
Tribe of Benjamin

Just from one week here at camp, I feel so much closer to God. This camp encourages uniqueness and openness, which is something most people don’t get to experience. All of the staff are SUPER nice and they’re always ready to help, whether it’s a stuck zipper or a prayer request. Camp Gilgal has the perfect balance of fun and rules. At campfire, we get to go crazy with the songs, but then we all calm down for the great campfire talks from the staff. We’ve heard from them about ministering to others, trusting God (because He always has your best interest), finding good community, how to pray, and learning that you don’t have to feel alone because God is always with you. We’ve heard all of these, and camp isn’t even over yet. Each morning, the campers gather together in the Mishkan to worship and praise God. There we hear from RedSox about God and how He works in miraculous ways. We always sing the Shema, but on Shabbat we sing most of the traditional Messianic liturgy. I always knew what the liturgy was but I never thought of it as me talking to God, just using what someone already said. When Strings said that something clicked, and now every time I sing liturgy, I actually feel involved. Every night after campfire of whatever else, each tribe goes to their cabin and does devotions. My tribe has been studying Psalms. A particularly interesting one was Psalm 51. Our ATL asked us why that psalm was written, and we read that it was written right after David sinned with Bathsheba. We came to the conclusion that this psalm can be used for any sin, not just David’s. Camp has God’s presence in all activities, not just these three I mentioned. Talking and praying with the staff isn’t just an option, it’s encouraged and welcomed. Jews for Jesus is really for Jesus, and this camp is undeniable proof.