Mia C., Age 13

Camp Gilgal. Imagine everything you know and love about it. Got it? Now picture it without Streetlight. Exactly. Streetlight is an irreplaceable and vital part of the Camp Gilgal family. A Giants fan until the end, Streetlight is an “amazing, funStreetlight Don't stop believin'2ny, and energetic person,” as said by a few campers. She was blessed with a beautiful voice, an impressive talent especially since she never took voice lessons. She is a beacon of spiritual and personal guidance. Her seven years’ worth of experience at Camp Gilgal allows her to be a great influence on the campers. Luckily for us, Streetlight plans on continuing her role at Camp Gilgal “until God pulls [her] out.” We can only pray that God chooses for her to stay.

Now, if you want to know stuff about Streetlight, here are some cool facts about her. She can sing and play guitar, she loves the Giants, camp songs, and worship songs. Pools are a go-to also. Her favorite biblical character (besides Jesus) is Jacob. Streetlight’s favorite food is a Vietnamese noodle dish called pho. But if you really want to know her life details, then you should just go to camp. The best part about Streetlight is her faithfulness to God and her love for the campers and everyone else. Camp would not be the same without Streetlight and her compassion, energy, and intensity. She is a wonderful and amazing part of the Camp Gilgal family.