Halye G., Age 10
Tribe of Naphtali

Every night there’s something in the swamp that makes sounds. My radars (ears) recognized them as cows in the swamp. It is a deep, repeating, echoing MOOO! When we go to the dining
hall, I try to bend over to get a peek to see what’s in the swamp while no one’s looking but there are guards (tribe leaders) all over (probably to keep us safe!).

I hop over rocks to see through the water, but there’s nothing—nothing except for frogs and turtles. Those aren’t the swamp cows! In the night I hear them, so I look out my window and there is nothing! I wake up the next morning and there is nothing—no sound at all.

I guess I’ll have to stay up all night to understand or look in the swamp (or find a way to scuba dive to find them) and find the answer to my swamp question.

What do they look like? Do they scare the turtles? Are they really just bullfrogs like my staff said? I’ll just have to keep listening and keep hunting the sneaky swamp cows at Camp Gilgal next year!