By: Elie W. | Age: 15
Tribe: Judah
Fun Swim Fun, Party Swim, or Fun Swim (there was always confusion on the appropriate title for this activity) is an activity that sounds just like its name, swimming in a lake and fun. Every day we get to swim in the lake here at Camp Herrlich. However, we do not get “swim Fun” every day, which includes a trampoline and blob in the middle of the lake that we use for our own advantage. The first time I was granted the opportunity to use this fun water device. As I climbed up the ladder, I imagined how I would execute my graceful jump from the trampoline. I stood up on the trampoline and started to jump. I jumped once, twice, three times and prepared myself for my lake landing. Suddenly I was in the fourth dimension. I was flying in slow motion. My legs flew behind me and arched over my head. My face then made contact with the surface of the water and SPLASH I was in the proper dimension once again. As I resurfaced, I heard roars of laughter, including my own. The lifeguard could barely breathe with laughter and he said my plummet had made his day. It was definitely the most amusing thing that had happened all day. Thus, concluding my Swim Fun adventure.