Erica B., Age 9
Tribe of Naphtali

One of the top things to do during free time is go swimSwimming and Activities2ming. One of the games we do is whirlpool. We go around the pool really fast and try to form a current. Sophia loves to swim. She goes underwater and swims with all her might. She’s like a fish.

A lot of people think the water in the pool is cold. Some people don’t even like to get in the pool. Whenever Stix goes in the pool the campers attack him. One day it was raining and everybody was sad because we couldn’t go swimming but we made it fun.

Last night we went down to the pool for night swimming. We played all sorts of games like Rings and Marco Polo. For Marco Polo someone is chosen to close their eyes and say Marco and the people who are playing with the person must answer with Polo. I hope you enjoyed my article.