Skye R., Age 14

Today we did initiativesTeamwork2. Initiatives are group obstacles you have to get through working together. We have one big group girls cabin, so we split into two groups. My group went first for the first initiative. The first initiative was the “Spider Web.” It was a bunch of different thin ropes tied into different shapes. The lowest part was about two feet off the ground. The goal is to get everyone in the group to the other side but the catch is that everyone has to go through a different hole. A few people on each team have “disabilities.” For instance, you can only use one leg or you can’t talk. I was lifted through one of the top holes in the “spider web” and it was really fun but hard. The next initiative we did included getting across three platforms only using two wooden boards. We couldn’t touch the ground and the boards or we would have to start over. At first it was difficult to find a strategy but then we had a plan all the way through. I asked Amanda what she liked best and she said it was really fun to figure out how to go through the “spider web.” I am so excited to do initiatives next year.