Liza C., Age 15
Tribe of Judah

The Adirondacks is an amazingly awesome place. While there, you can swim, Friends6smcamp, and white water raft, as we did. You can also climb mountains, fish, ski (in the winter), and do many other activities that passers-by see on road signs.

We first camped out at the Schroon River campsite in Warrensburg, New York. We set up our tent, then unpacked our backpacks out of the vans. A few minutes later, we walked to the pool. I was surprised; it was a saltwater pool. When I just found out, I thought it was an imitation of the ocean. Truly, it was only replacing the chlorine. After a while (we had no clocks), we went back for a dinner of burgers and veggies, s’mores, and a campfire. 

The next day we went white water rafting. I was in a boat with four other girls and two tribe leaders: Scooter and Baby Carrots. We rafted on two rivers, the thinner Indian for four and half miles, and the great, mighty Hudson for countless miles. It was more fun, yet scarier, than I expected; in fact, I got a face full of wave and liked it! All in all, the Adirondacks is an amazing place for a camping trip.