Kaylie L. and Leelle S., Ages 12 and 13
Tribe of Dan 

White water rafting was so exciting!  At every twist and turn a new experience had begun. It was exhilarating when a drop came out of nowhere. White water rafting was an awesome experience. White water rafting3sm

Paddling was a challenge: whenever the rapids became harsh more strength was needed. Rapids called Bust Stop, Rattle Mountain, and Jiffy Pop were terrifying and thrilling. On different rapids different people got to sit on the bow of the boat and ride it like a bull through the rapids. Attempting to surf which tips the boat while everyone shifts to the front to get a mouthful of water was difficult. The amount of strength needed was overwhelming. And try as we might, we couldn’t succeed getting to the point. 

The whole experience was a blast! Surfing, paddling, and rocking through the rapids was an experience of a lifetime.