By: Elie M.| Age: 13
The cabin of PipGo consists of the tribe leaders Pippin and Mango and the campers Bailey, Sarah, Carrie, Claire, Talia, Shalom, Lily, and of course, me. We have two ladies cabins this year at Camp Gilgal. Our cabin is the largest. The ages of the campers in our cabin ranges from 13-15. Some of the things we do as a cabin are devotions, cabin inspection, late night talks and giggles. This year for devotions we are focusing on question we have about life. Cabin inspection is when we clean the cabin as a tribe, you may think it would be hard because there are so many of us, but we have all grown up at camp together and have been in the same cabin before. I asked some of my cabin mates what they thought about our cabin. Talia thinks “It’s cool to have so many people because we can build each other up.” Claire commented by saying, “Regardless of our differences we grew close.”