By: Jude B.| Age: 7 ½
Tribe: Issachar
An hour after the hour Shabbat service was done I was about to leave when RedSox announced, “It’s movie night.” Everyone cheered and I screamed of happiness. I went to my cabin and got my sleeping bag from the top bunk. We played Uno until it was time for movie night. I was very excited and when we got to movie night, they announced the movie was my favorite movie, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” We sat down on our sleeping bags and watched the movie. I fell asleep in the middle but that didn’t matter because I already watched it seven times. Now you don’t think I’ll finish this without telling you about the snacks. In every 20 minutes they’ll pause the movie and ask you to go for snacks. You stand in line and pick your crunchy food, chips, Doritos, pretzels, etcetera. Then you go to your dessert. You can either have four of one dessert or two of two desserts. You can only have one soda, but you can get seconds on other drinks, orange juice, apple juice, water, etcetera. The movie, well I can’t tell you which date it is, because they never tell you!
Your ambidextrous friend, Jude
See you later alligator