Dinah N.
Age 13

Giant SwingThe giant swing is probably the best thing ever. It’s 25 feet in the air and you have to jump off. The climb is easy at first, but when you see how high you are, it gets scary and you start shaking. When you get to the top, they harness you in and then you jump. You feel so free with a spark of fear. As you swing back and forth you can do different poses like going upside down or sideways. “It was so scary and I was shaking so hard, but it was worth it,” says LaTanya, a fellow camper. “It was terrifying yet exciting,” says Elias.

My experience was really fun. When you are on top, you look down and the people look so small. The lady helping me get strapped in offered to pray for me. I think her praying for me gave me the courage to slide off the platform. As I look back, I’m really glad that I conquered my fear and I can’t wait until next year to do it again!