By: Liel B. | Age: 14
On July 14, we embarked on our journey to Camp Gilgal 2019. We started our adventure in Los Angeles and drove all the to Oakhurst. I drove in a van with Sarah, Lily, Bailey, Sivan, Jonathan, Carrie, and Steven. We were all cramped in the van for five whole hours. Chef, Sarah’s mom and Sloth, Taxi’s mom, and Sohcahtoa, Gadget, Kit-Kat, and Hershey’s mom, drove us to camp. We stopped at Panda Express for lunch even though I had it for dinner the previous night, I still enjoyed it. Jonathan and Steven were playing a game together and Sivan though she overheard them talking about magical ponies, but it turns out she was just hearing things. We passed through small towns and Sivan pointed out all the cute buildings. Although we were exhausted, we could not fall asleep. When we finally arrived at Calvin Crest, the campers and staff came out to welcome us by bang on our van. We all got out of the van and sorted our luggage. The staff introduced themselves and their names. We then headed to our cabins to get settled in. And that was my experience getting to camp.