By: Claire C. | Age: 14
July 17th, 4:30 pm. The day that changed all days. Speedy, Elrond, Mango, Lonestar and S’mores gathered with intense anticipation to answer the questions of the campers. We wrote them anonymously and waited for the staff to answer them. Some were: “How do you know God is real?” which was answered with historical evidence, and the Bible. Our beloved Taxi wisely says, “It comes to a point where it takes more faith to not believe in Him.” The staff agreed that what you do as you walk with Jesus can and will be forgiven and redeemed. The next question, “How do you navigate a high school relationship?” triggered a half-hour discussion on the proper boundaries for relationships. The aftermath of the panel made campers think. Lily said, “It was really interesting to hear all the different perspectives.” Overall it helped the campers grow.