By: Ryan H. | Age: 11
Tribe of Reuben
My tribe is the tribe of Reuben. We are the oldest tribe on the men’s side and our cabin name is Peddler Point. In my tribe there is Eitan, Isaac, Sam, Josh, Gadget and Fajita. Gadget is the tribe leader and Fajita is the assistant tribe leader. Josh says, “I loved being in the tribe of Reuben!” Sam is all about Marvel. He has a big Marvel encyclopedia that he brings whenever he comes to camp. Joshua’s nickname is Josh. Josh collects toys from the Gilgal store where they sell a lot of toys and other things. Isaac likes to read a lot. He usually borrows my book, “How to Train your Dragon,” or Sam’s books. Eitan likes to play four square and carpet ball during free time and I like to write Gilgal Gazette articles to get points for my tribe. At breakfast lineup the tribe leaders make the joke to say to the out of cabin staff and at lunch and dinner the campers make the jokes. This is what it is like to be a camper or tribe leader of the Tribe of Reuben 2019!