By Eliana R. age 11

Tribe of Simeon

I was in the tribe of Simeon, it was really fun this year. By the way, Simeon means Sword. The tribe leaders of Simeon are Chip and Sh-Boom. Chip is fun and funny. She loves to swim. Sh-Boom is fun, easy breezy and caring. She loves to knit. The campers of this tribe are Ahavah, Channa, Emma, Ellie, Sarah, and me.

One thing we do as a tribe are water points. To you get a point you have to drink two cups of water. You have to get two water points to play games during F.O.B. I asked Ahavah if she likes doing water points. “No,” she replied, “because during F.O.B you’re supposed to rest.” During F.O.B we usually rest but sometimes we got to do games, if you get the right amount of water points. So I asked Channah. If she likes doing regular F.O.B instead of the other F.O.B where we play games. “It depends on if I’m tired or not, I’ll probably want the regular F.O.B.”

During Tabernacle we have to work on our memory verse and recited in front of everyone. The memory verse we have to memorize this year is John 10:7-11 & 14-18. I asked Ellie if she likes to memorize the memory verse. And she said “yeah it was fun.”

I liked the message of the verse.

Those are the basics of what you do in tribes and many other activities.