By Rebecca S., age 10

Tribe of Asher

Hebrew is one of the most fun activities at Camp Gilgal. We sing songs, play games, and write in booklets. It is super fun. Usually when we get to a time of day we do Hebrew. In Hebrew we write in booklets (one kind of booklet is the white one).

The white booklet is for the Aleph Bet. On each page you write the letter three times, write an English word that has the sound, and write the phrase for that letter five times then we go to a tribe leader, and they ask you questions about that letter and its phrase. You can also walk around the camp and find the phrase for the letters you can bring these books all around camp. I asked Esquire some questions about Hebrew I asked him this: “What is your favorite part about teaching Hebrew?” And he answered: “Seeing the campers learn Hebrew words.” Then I asked him: “What is one of your favorite Hebrew words?” So he said: “היננ, which means here I am.” Next I asked him: “What is your favorite booklet topic?” And he answered: “Family.” Last, but not least, I asked him to answer this: “What does your stamp look like?” ESQ.

The colored booklets are different from the white ones. These are the topics you can pick from! Family camp, words camp, animals, Hanukkah words and Passover words. First you write the Hebrew word once. Then write the translation five times and draw a picture about the word. Now you go around to the counselors and they will ask you how to say it and what it means in English. They will give you a picture or a stamp, if you get it right. You have to get 10 stamps or pictures. You’re not allowed to go to the same counselor twice or more in a row. you get prizes after 10 stamps or pictures. I really like Hebrew because you learn Hebrew and get prizes. It is so fun. I hope you enjoyed my article.