Lizzy N., Age 11
Tribe of Benjamin

Sparkler is my tribe leader so I wanted to know more about her. Here are some questions I asked her. “What made you want your name to be Sparkler?” She answered, “I was born on July 4th and I don’t like loud noises, and a sparkler is a loudless firework.”

ThThe wonderful Sparkleren I asked, “How old were you when you first went to camp?” Sparkler answered, “I was seven, and I turned eight during it.”

“What made you want to be a tribe leader?”

She answered, “It seemed really fun and I wanted to influence campers the way my tribe leaders influenced me.”

“What are some of your friends from camp?”

“Acorn, Smalls, Bologna, Professor and Ewok.”

Then I asked, “What were some of your favorite camp activities?”

Sparkler answered, “Wells Fargo, MI, swimming and FOB.”

“What are some of your favorite camp memories?”

“Just doing everything with Acorn and Smalls,” she answered.

“What are some of your favorite dares with Acorn and Smalls?” She answered, “The time at WWW when Acorn dared Smalls to wake up the oldest cabin at two in the morning and tell them it was breakfast and they were late.”

I hope you had as much fun as I did learning more about Sparkler.