Ana H., Age 14
Tribe of Naphtali

Every morning, between cabin clean up and the first activity, each tribe comes together as a whole. We need to come together prepared with our Bibles and open minds. We meet together outside of our cabins in the tree knolTribe Bible Studies2l, on the porch, or on the picnic tables. This allows us to see nature and to make sure to stay focused while we are studying the Bible. We read over the Scripture that we’ve been assigned for the day, answer the questions, and share our experiences with one another. It is so nice to hear my friend’s stories, and find out new ways that we can relate to one another. This year is the first year that there have been tribe Bible studies and I think that it is a great thing. We have been reading 2 Corinthians and discussing God’s great comfort and mercy. My tribe talked about problems that we as Messianic Jews face and that how we act affects how the rest of the world thinks of us and more importantly how they think about Jesus. Our memory verses are 2 Corinthians 5:17-19. These verses talk about our new life following Messiah, and how we have the responsibility of sharing this gift with others by reconciling people to Him. Tribe Bible studies make us all closer to each other, and make it easier to be able to share stories and comfort each other like Messiah comforts us.